23 February 2010

The Roman Colosseum......a learning in Architecture!

Recently on the net, while going through some of the most visited places in the world, I came across the Roman Colosseum...a building considered as one of the world's greatest architectural marvel!!!!

Now why would it get this tag, is something one can believe only when its seen & felt.

Truly, to actually comprehend that this marvel was made around 72AD, at a time when there were no means of transport, no communication, no architects is rather difficult!!!!

The Colosseum stands just east of the Roman forum & was constructed under the reign of Emperor Vespasian & thereafter Titus. It was modelled on the Pagan God Apollo complete with a dome at the top but later was converted into an amphitheatre after the dome was pulled apart. It has a seating capacity of 50,000 & was originally used in the gladiatoral games & other public spectacles like executions, animal hunts. Subsequently, it has been used for various other purposes & now evantually serving as a tourist attraction. There have been many people & animals who have died in this place, thus it has both, been condemned as well as regarded sacred.

In recent times, it has also found a mention in songs & movies like the 'Gladiator' in the year 2000 & 'Jumper' in 2008.

Although it has been partially damaged due to earthquakes, stone robbers, flaura etc it is one of Rome's most iconic symbols, a leading tourist attraction & a great engineering & architectural marvel.

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