12 November 2009

Old is really gold......one saying that's still true!!

I have been a huge fan of antiques n wish I had the means n money to collect them......since i have neither, I can atleast hope to do that sometime in the future........its really difficult to find the old gramophone records & the old grandfather clocks anywhere nowadays.....wonder where have they gone?? Forget about such old stuff, its difficult to even find things that were there till a few years ago, stuff that was there when I was growing up!! The dial up telephone, those old wall clocks with them sounding the time every 15 mins......guess they are just a part of childhood memories now !! n whoever had the sense to collect them, would have been really sensible, coz to get such things, a good deal of money needs to be shelled out!!


But then not everybody realises their worth, so for those of us who do.......lets treasure them!!!

Tiny lil things that made my day!!!

I am someone who is constantly on the lookout for something weird & different n being in Bangalore, I consider it a blessing coz I am able to get into any nooks n crannies & hunt for stuff that is not easy to find!! It definitely should be 'Hatke' as the saying goes :):)
The other day, while roaming around Shivajinagar bus stand & Russell market, I came across these tiny little cane furniture........

I didn't expect to find these becoz of the intricacies involved in making the actual cane furniture. But then here I was sitting in the bus, reaching the bus stand & see these tiny little chairs n table on the counter of a shop. I just could'nt wait for the bus to stop & once it did, I went in there immediately!! I expected them to be quite costly, but they were pretty reasonably priced, intricate n well polished!! Wow, just considered myself damn lucky for finding these........what I also did infact is buy 2 of these, pretty much surprising myself :):)
They sure made my day!!!