27 March 2010

Knitted chair....sounds interesting right!!!!

I really never thought that the age old practice of knitting can be applied so ingeniously to create innovative & beautiful design furniture. I really found this chair so intriguing that I decided to feature it here, for me this represents 'new art'!!!

The wooden chair seen here is a furniture made by knitting pieces of wood together using yarn. It was a brainchild of Designer Emiliano Godoy who decided to take the homely craft of knitting to a new level thereby creating a piece of art which can also be used. The chair resembles a tortoise shell or soccer ball with its geometric segments comprising a sturdy whole. The segments are made of aircraft plywood which are knit together with cotton rope & it is this process which gives the sturdiness, making it sustainable.

The chair, brought its designer great fame by receiving a Bronze leaf award at an international design fair & for sure it was well deserved. No doubt it is something intricate & difficult to create, but it just shows what amazing things can be achieved by pushing one's boundaries!!!

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