28 May 2010

An amazing use of discarded materials.....a different perspective on art!!!!

In keeping with today’s topic which I seem to be very taken up with, I came across some more installation works online by contemporary artists, who stretch the boundaries of their creativity.

One such artist, is the Indiana based Japanese artist Sayaka Ganz, a young girl who creates sculptures & artworks using discarded & used materials like plastic, metals & utensils like spoons & forks. These sculptures are not randomnly done but depict forms, mostly animals in various stages of movements, giving you the feeling of them being alive…

As the artist says, the used materials because of the human story behind them, have a life of their own & transcend their origins by being integrated into an animal form. She also goes to say that by creating the sculptures, it is her way to depict that even though there is a whole lot of conflict all round, all of the pieces fit together to form a cohesive whole, that every person will eventually find some place to belong to even if they aren’t sure when.

The sculptures are beautiful & being made with pre-defined forms gives them a uniqueness that is hard to define. What a depth of thinking & creativity for someone so young of age!!

More images of her works can be found at her website: www.sayakaganz.com

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