12 March 2013

Taking Art-C to the next level....

A blog is an online diary to pen your thoughts, or so they say! But my blog was something more than that...
It was a way of showcasing my love of art forms, books and music....

And while I haven't exactly published something for a long long while, it was always on my mind to write something, to do the next thing when the time was right!
And that time is now...

In the last couple of months, I have tried to give shape to the myraid thoughts, dreams & plans that have plagued me since the last few years. Dreams of seeing myself doing more than just writing about art, but actually creating something artistic, sourcing rare and dying local art products, recycling things that we normally relegate to the bin, and inspiring people enough to keep all of it alive.

Upcycled Mobile Phone Holder made from Pet Bottle

Towards this endeavour, I have created a retail space on Facebook- ART-C, where all the products are showcased and sold. Do take the time to visit it with this link: https://www.facebook.com/art.charmaine

'Muted Sunset'- Hand-painted Sling Pouch from our 'Wearable Art' series

With this blog, I'll be doing a lot of different stuff, giving a peek into how different products can be handmade, the people the art is sourced from, why is recycling easy & how it can benefit you & your surroundings in the long run.

Quilling on Banana Fiber Boxes

Do subscribe to this blog, and feel free to get in touch with me for any queries, products or even ideas.

Thank You,

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