12 November 2009

Tiny lil things that made my day!!!

I am someone who is constantly on the lookout for something weird & different n being in Bangalore, I consider it a blessing coz I am able to get into any nooks n crannies & hunt for stuff that is not easy to find!! It definitely should be 'Hatke' as the saying goes :):)
The other day, while roaming around Shivajinagar bus stand & Russell market, I came across these tiny little cane furniture........

I didn't expect to find these becoz of the intricacies involved in making the actual cane furniture. But then here I was sitting in the bus, reaching the bus stand & see these tiny little chairs n table on the counter of a shop. I just could'nt wait for the bus to stop & once it did, I went in there immediately!! I expected them to be quite costly, but they were pretty reasonably priced, intricate n well polished!! Wow, just considered myself damn lucky for finding these........what I also did infact is buy 2 of these, pretty much surprising myself :):)
They sure made my day!!!

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