12 November 2009

Old is really gold......one saying that's still true!!

I have been a huge fan of antiques n wish I had the means n money to collect them......since i have neither, I can atleast hope to do that sometime in the future........its really difficult to find the old gramophone records & the old grandfather clocks anywhere nowadays.....wonder where have they gone?? Forget about such old stuff, its difficult to even find things that were there till a few years ago, stuff that was there when I was growing up!! The dial up telephone, those old wall clocks with them sounding the time every 15 mins......guess they are just a part of childhood memories now !! n whoever had the sense to collect them, would have been really sensible, coz to get such things, a good deal of money needs to be shelled out!!


But then not everybody realises their worth, so for those of us who do.......lets treasure them!!!

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