20 February 2010

Nek Chand's Rock Garden- my first look at the use of Mosaics in art

Well.....I've been a a bit lazy off late n have'nt been online for a long while. But wait, there are other reasons too.....no time (as most of us say nowadays :):), change of house, no internet connectivity (yep i know we are in the age of wi-fi n all that) etc. etc. But then I cannot procastinate anymore n gettin a taste of what it is to blog kept me wanting to come back to do more....
So this new yr, I kinda made the resolution to take some time out every other day to this n here I am.

There.....since we came to the end of my story......lemme tell you of this incredible man in India who has let his creativity come out in such a way as to pull him from relative obscurity to a place in the history books.

This man is Nekchand, u might have heard of him or might have not......but his works of art can only be likened to the passion of an artist wit no formal training in it......his works adorn a part of Delhi especially dedicated to it & they are made from recycled material ( which is the need of the hour) The rock garden needs to be seen to be believed & is definitely beautiful, done almost single handedly .....Wat a great gift to society & art!!!!

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