08 March 2010

Imagine creating furniture from live plants!!!

This is exactly what designer Asif Khan has done when challenged by the Design Museum in London to create something special using local plant life. He thus used the plant Gypsophila (commonly known as Baby's breath) which was allowed to bloom into something beautiful & aesthetic to sit on!!!!

The plant's natural ability to interlock, was taken advantage of & this enabled the designer to use it for his specific purpose. Once the plant was in bloom, it was harvested, woven & then placed into pre-designed molds to be freeze-dried over several weeks. After the subsequent hardening, each piece received a coating of linseed oil resin to lock its shape into place.

The artist called this series of furniture 'Harvest' & it not only makes use of unconventional materials but is also beautiful, harmonious & merges the interior with the exterior world.

By using this kind of furniture, it might help to relieve the guilt we feel when using wood from cut & felled trees. At the same time it also helps us give back something to nature in exchange for what we have taken from it!!!!

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